"Model Pi6"

Innovation, design, construction and progress


combined with a lot of patience and inventiveness


form the basis of the Luwima Watchwinders Pi6


model series. New approaches and ideas made it


possible to create one of the most interesting


watchwinders in the world. 

According to the proven motto, „Form follows


function“the entire product consists exclusively of


tailor-made milling parts. The material of choice


is aluminum. It is characterized by its robustness, the


comparatively low weight and its easy handling. Thanks to


state-of-the-art machining technology


such as micro-jet cutting, laser sintering or multi-axis


milling, it was possible to realize our Pi6 model. The Pi6


produces an absolutely uniform


movement over its large main ring so that, for the first


time, a very gentle lift of your automatic wristwatch is


achieved. The models are


color individually Configurable so that each device can


become your own unique.


            leismo design 

               felix geiling


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           Managing Director




Felix Wolfgang Geiling




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